Using the Payment Form Builder

This is where the magic happens.2. Go to the form builder and fill out the fields as applicable.

Note: Any changes made with Form Builder don’t affect your original HubSpot form.

  • HubSpot Form – Choose the form from your HubSpot account that we will convert.
  • Product Name – The name of your product, service or subscription.
  • Payment Type – DepositFix supports 4 payment types:
  1. Single Payment – A one-time payment with a fixed amount.
  2. Subscription – Stripe subscription plan. Make sure to create Subscription plans in Stripe first. Note: if you use DepositFix in test mode, the plan should be created in test mode as well.
  3. Dynamic Amount – This option will generate a new field “Amount” which can be specified by your customer. Useful for donations.
  4. Dynamic Subscription – Customer can enter amount and payment frequency. This will automatically create a Stripe plan with specified values.
  • Currency – Currency to charge in
  • Accept discount codes/Accept Stripe coupons – apply discounts. More here.

Advanced Options

  • Custom Redirect Url – In most cases you specify a thank-you page URL on the HubSpot form level. But if you want to use the same form with different redirect pages, you can specify it here.
  • Custom CSS file – Url of your CSS page to override DepositFix styles
  • JavaScript callback ‘on form ready’ event – This callback will be triggered after the form is rendered. This is useful to add functionality to the form or change something programmatically, for example – put translated labels or change the price depending on the selected option.

Once you have filled out the form, click on generate code. This will prepare the HTML code to be embedded on your page.

Our form builder creates the basic form set up. There are multiple ways to customize the form to meet your business need. Email us at with your idea and we’ll try to make it happen for you.